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                New Ship Delivery of STX Shipbuilding Having Been Delayed for Several Times
                Published: 2011-11-21 14:00:18 Source: www.eworldship.com Visits: 2832

                According to the Ship Information Service, the delivery time for new ship being constructed by STX Shipbuilding, Korea had been delayed for several times recently.

                STX Shipbuilding disclosed On the last day of October that, delivery of 1 VLCC and 2 bulk carriers all had been delayed. The above vessels are all ordered by European shipowners in 2008. The delivery time after contract alteration remains unfixed as the indeterminate shipowner conditions.

                The total contract price for the VLCC is 155.2 billion South Korean Won, while 128.5 billion Won for the bulk carriers(about 0.27 billion US Dollar). According to the price at that time, the bulk carriers are supposed to be at 81000DWT-level.

                There are total 5 times of contract alterations this year of STX Shipbuilding, delivery time for two oil product carriers ordered by European shipowners has been changed, and tha same situation also happened to three LPG vessels.


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