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                W?rtsil? Vice President Mr. Lars hellberg visits Rongan Power
                Published: 2012-11-30 9:14:51 Source: President Office Visits: 4209

                On November 28, 2012, W?rtsil? Vice President Lars hellberg, managing director of W?rtsil? Qiyao Diesel Company Limited(Shanghai) Stefan Wiik visited Rongan Power, warmly welcomed by Rongan company leaders including board chairman Deng Hui, president Zou Zhiming, vice president Xu Baoan, assistant president Wei Wei.

                The guests successively visited the wielding workshop, distribution center, medium-parts machining workshop, large-parts machining workshop, preassembly workshop and the final assembly workshop. Lars hellberg paid high compliment on well-equipped and clean production workshops. The both sides held friendly talks subsequently and reached a consensus on futher deepening cooperation and achieving mutual benefit and win-win.

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