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                RongAn Power Obtained 2.419 Billion of Syndicated Loans
                Published: 2010-4-26 10:30:02 Source: Hefei Daily Visits: 3210

                RongAn Power Machinery Co. Ltd. signed the agreement of 2.149billion of syndicated loan with the leading bank of Pudong Development Bank and participating banks including Bank of China, Anhui Commercial Bank and Agricultural Bank of China yesterday morning. Zhang Xiaolin Standing Committee and First Deputy Mayor, Wei Xiaoming, Standing Committee and Deputy Mayor, and Yang Zhimao, Vice Chairman of Hefei People’s Consultative attended the signing ceremony.

                Hefei RongAn Power Machinery Co. Ltd. is located at the north bank of River Pai of Hefei Economic Development Zone, which is a production base for low speed marine engine approved by national development and reform committee.

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