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                First Anhui-Made Low Speed Marine Diesel Engine Embarked on Journey across the Ocean
                Published: 2009-12-11 14:09:00 Source: http://ah.xinhuanet.com Visits: 3365

                First Anhui-Made Low Speed Marine Diesel Engine 6RT-flex68D was officially embarked on journey to Brazil on December 7, 2009, which is about 10 meters long, height about 12 meters high, 10 meters wide, and 400 tons net weight.It would be transported to Shanghai Port by sea by three barges weighed 500 tons, and then be transshipped to ocean-going bulk carrier to Rio de Janeiro of Brazil in Shanghai Port. Smart Power Marine Low Speed Diesel Engine 6RT-flex68D was modified from 6RT-flex68-B of Wartsila Switzerland. Single machine power 25,530 horsepower, it is a marine diesel engine of full electronic control, no camshaft, low speed, direct change to the single effect of two strokes. Energy saving and environmental elements engaged into the development of the machine is the main trends of diesel engine development.

                RongAn’s first Low Speed Marine Diesel Engine 6RT-flex68D was officially shipped to Rio de Janeiro of Brazil on December 7. The picture shows lifting the diesel engine components on board that has been dismantled.

                 The picture is first Anhui-Made Low Speed Marine Diesel Engine 6RT-flex68D

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