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                Your current location:Home - Products - MAN low-speed EngineMAN low-speed Engine
                MAN Diesel SE is subsidiary company of the MAN GROUP. The headquarter is in Germany, is the world’s main marine diesel designing, developing and manufacturing company, has hundreds years rich experiences in diesel engine, is devoted to develop new product, sell patent technology, before and after service of selling, it also makes small cylinder bore diameter low speed engine and middle, high engines.
                MAN Diesel SE is mainly designing, developing, manufacturing marine & power diesel, turbocharger, propeller etc. It’s marine propeller has 50% of the world’s market, two-stroke marine diesel engine has 80% of the world’s market.
                Rongan has signed with MAN diesel for the production permit license, have the ability to manufacture cylinder bore diameter from 500 to 980mm two-stroke engine.
                Our company is devoted to become the top of China, world class modern engine plants, for its excellent quality, first class service.
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