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                Your current location:Home - About Rong An - Company HistoryCompany History
                  1August 2007 , Hefei Rong An Power Machinery Co.,Ltd. established
                  2August 2007, Wartsila license agreement signed
                  3November 2007, Rong An investment agreement signed
                  4December 2007, land leveling started
                  5April 18, 2008, contract signed with Wartsila for the first 6RT-Flex68-D diesel engine
                  6June 12, 2008, piling started for Assembly workshop
                  7September 2008, MAN license agreement signed
                  8January 2009, construction of Assembly workshop completed
                  9March 6, 2009, the project of Rong An was approved by State Committee of Development and Reform
                  10June 19, 2009, key components of the first engine arrived in plant
                  11July 10, 2009, three big parts of the first engine arrived in plant
                  12August 10, 2009, assembly of the first engine started
                  13September 10, 2009, oil and water flushing of auxiliary machine room started
                  14October 30, 2009, the first engine successfully delivered
                  15In December 2009, RongAn Power has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the quality management system standard of ISO9001:2008.
                  16In June, 2010, the first 7RT-flex82T engine was successfully delivered.
                  17September 2010, signed the license agreement with MAN to manufacture medium-speed engines
                  18October 2010, the first part processed by portal gantry machine of Rongan Power large parts workshop was finished
                  19Janurary 2011, production of the structure workshop started
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